Spring photo shoot – neat homeware

Spring photo shoot

Neat homeware spring bedroom

It has been a year since I launched my website and it is fair to say that I have learnt a lot. The most important thing being that you can’t do everything all on your own. Working with other people is essential to bounce ideas around, draw on their knowledge and pass on some of yours and most importantly, it’s good for your sanity!

Last week, I spent the day collaborating with two local independent businesses at a neat homeware spring photo shoot. Nikkita (NikkitaPalmer Designs) makes gorgeous furniture and accessories from reclaimed materials and Anwyn (Evie and Lola) makes divine macarons and sweet treats. We are all small businesses based in Bedfordshire, selling very different things, but have one big thing in common - we all promote our businesses in a very visual way.

With very little money spent (food props which were then eaten!) and a lot of creative ideas, we produced a series of beautiful shots using products from all of our ranges - cushions and plant pots to food boards and delicious macarons. Whoever would have guessed that this is not a real bed and is in fact a table top resting on two benches with a pallet as a headboard! Just goes to show what you can do with a little imagination....

Neat homeware spring bedroom

During the shoot we focused on producing photographs with a relaxed Scandinavian home feel, a kind of hygge for spring. Layers of gorgeous pastel coloured blankets (you can never have enough blankets) and cushions work beautifully when sat alongside textural home accessories and the light tones of the reclaimed wood. With the flick of a switch to turn the lights off, and the addition of a few strings of twinkly lights, the room is transformed to a cosy haven.

Neat homeware cosy bedroom

Even the farm goose and Maddie the dog were interested to see what we were up to!


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Neat homeware & Nikkita Palmer reclaimed spring table Neat homeware & Evie and Lola spring table

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